November 5, 2010

Pax on Earth!*

*sorry.. I should really resist the Pax-puns I know :D

Christmas plans for "My Guys" are trundling along.  I've just ordered a box each of these -
for C & K.  They come in 70 to the box - blank inside - and of hopefully okay enough quality that the guys (and their team mates) can use them for all their nearest & dearest; and that they will survive the rigors of the USA postal system.

I'll have to wait before sending JJ's - he's due home shortly to the USA for an all-too-brief holiday and I'd rather not worry about his mail being re-routed back & forth.

I thought this might be a good thing to supply them with as it means they won't have to worry about how to get their hand on cards to send their families back home (plus with that many in the box all their team mates can share in the gift too).

I'm still wishing I could afford to do the "whole team gets Santa Stockings" this year - feeling a bit bad that I'm not more organised on that front.  I *will* be ensuring that there's a big box of sweets or maybe peppermint candy canes that can be shared out.

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