March 18, 2011

Pax Resurfaces....

Ugh... sorry, it's been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted.

I am still a little behind on my Milsupport to adoptee's but did manage to organise small packages to two of the guys (just a book for one, and a funny item for the other).  I'm waiting on my next payday to send off something fun to my newest chap (I still have no idea of his likes/dislikes so maybe a sweetie pack or OHHHH I KNOW *Vegemite!!! If it's in stock that is)

And I have a couple of people from the Cup of Joe program to write back to too (channeling fun goofy Pax is becoming easier... now if only I can work out "witty and charming" heh heh heh)
Ohh!  And I have it on the Best of Authorities that Green Bean Coffee shops downrange DO sell Muffins and also killer chocolate cake [thank you Dan & Hooby for the intel!]

Oh... and due to having to do a full reinstall of Windows 7 I have lost a few email addresses. So if you know that I owe you an email please drop me a note (along the lines of "*cough*  *cough* contact me *cough*" will do the trick :D)

Things here at home are sorting themselves out.  My Parents were over to visit yesterday - both for Mum's birthday Lunch that I was organising for her; but also to help me with steam cleaning the carpets (with the removal of some furniture and the rearranging of the remainder the carpets were looking pretty bleh). 
I Love my parents!  Dad even fixed the leaky tap for me (I *had* planned to get it done myself but he looked hurt at the thought I didn't need his expertise. Who am I to say no when it's Dad-Improved handiwork!)

Tomorrow - my BFF will be over to help me break a wardrobe (as in... pulling it apart into it's component pieces so it can either be recycled by friends or carted away to the Tip**. She's bringing "THE BIG HAMMER" so I'm sure the neighbours will freak out by the time we are done *giggles manically*)

And to leave you with something funny... here's some Top Gear Versus a British Army Tank

*Pax... broadening the horizons and taste buds of poor unsuspecting Americans for over two years now

**that's Rubbish Tip/Dump to the Aussie and Brits... and I have no idea what the USAian's call theirs


  1. We just call it The Dump. Or if you are talking about trash, it's call the White House.

  2. Ha! Coffeypot's comment. Glad to have you back, Pax! You are such a saint for all the work you do for the troops. Bravo to you!

    Loved the video!

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  4. What you call a skip we call a dumpster. Older people will sometimes call it a Dempsey Dumpster (often corrupted to dipsey dumpster) after the first company that trademarked the term.

    Yes, I'm a terror at Trivial Pursuit.

  5. Oh, weird tangent- we call it the dump.