December 30, 2011

December catch up

Wow - time has really been flying here.  I am still madly working away at the apartment renovations and the end is (mostly) in sight.  One wall left in the living room to patch up and repaint and then I can move all the bookcases back out and achieve order. So looking forward to that!

In Milsupport endeavours - I have had a LOT of fun this year playing Santa-Pax. 

  • Decorations and small gifts made their way to three of my Adopted Troopers.  Reports back from the two I am "Friended" with on Facebook are that they were very happy with the assortment of silly things received.

  • The Re-adoption of one of my previous Soldiers' Angels troopers.  He is USA Airforce and once more Downrange and in the thick of things.  With the wonderful help of my friend Vicki in California - a parcel of Christmas decorations managed to be sent off to him just prior to the Military Christmas Mail deadline.  Vicki went above and beyond by baking a huge batch of Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies and sending them with the decorations.  Appreciative Noms were achieved [R makes sure that most of the things I send him are shared with his crew so Happy Airforce points achieved]

  • My newly adopted team of Marines missed out on the "authentic made-by-Pax" Christmas wreath but scored well in the TimTam (an Aussie Chocolate covered cookie/biscuit) area.  I also sent them some Aussie toys - some foam boomarang-ish throwing toys [foam to avoid injuries to themselves; equipment and figures of authority]; a bullroarer [which sadly failed to give enough noise due to it's teeny size - replacement has been sourced and will be sent along shortly] and a wee cuddly Koala [there are 15 of them - surely one of them is manly enough to be seen with a fuzzy toy :D].
I *have* given the Marine team the option of receiving practical stuff (i.e hygiene stuff or chemical hand warmers or some blankets etc) but their "Point Man" (or should that be "Point Sgt?") says they are enjoying the randomness of my parcels and to keep that up.  I have to say that I am REALLY enjoying treating this bunch - their appreciation of "Weird Aussie Troop Support" came when I was at an emotional low point and has helped to remind myself just why I do this (To Give and not to count the cost - to cause smiles and joyful confusion) - I think I'm hitting the targets okay so far :)

So currently I have 4 adoptees via Soldiers' Angels - and the team of Marines via - which is accounting for about 1/4 of my fortnightly pay packet.  I think after a few of my troopers head home in January/February I may need to cut back on the milsupporting for a little bit and get the finances back in order  [of course I say that now... and then I will see the plea for someone to adopt "Army person X - who never receives any mail and needs some cheering up" and I'll be back to the official Three adoptees again.  Yes Yes - I know - I *am* a soft touch but since studies have shown that this sort of support really helps the morale and confidence of deployed troops - most of them young enough to be my children had I not foolishly squandered my reproductive years - then the cost to myself is just something to factor in and work around.] 

New Year's Eve is tomorrow here in Australia so I will leave you all with the wish that 2012 is good for you all - and that you remain safe and well.

Pax - signing off for 2011


  1. Thanks for what you do Pax, it DOES make a difference! Trust me!

  2. I wish for you a finished apartment, health, happiness and you very own cowboy.


  3. Santa-Pax,

    May God bless you throughout 2012.