March 15, 2012

Trying to do that bit extra....

Lately I have been feeling like I am not giving quite enough of my time and energy to supporting the troops (both USA & Australian).

Currently I have 3 adoptees via Soldiers' Angels (deployed either Downrange or Overseas) however one went "No Mail" at the beginning of March and will be home (God Willing) safe and sound by the beginning of April.  My Other two adoptees are the super busy sorts so I hear only intermittently from them (I have no problem with this - rather that they concentrate on work AND contacting family than me - so just the occasional out-of-the-blue "I am still alive and well" email is all I need).

The Batch of Marines I adopted via have been silent for the last two months.  I am not sure if they have moved base etc (Prayers are being said for their continuing safety) so am mostly sending the odd postcard to stay (hopefully) in touch. Last silly item sent to them was my very favourite craft book "Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes".  Tried and tested across Iraq by many many adoptees (the book includes paper for plane construction so the guys don't need to worry about finding any resources).  [I am aware that some of you will be judging this as a 'frivilous' thing to supply however when given the choice - via emails months ago - their contact person requested "silly versus practical" to keep them smiling]

One area that I haven't really gotten involved with (so far) was helping send support and written "Hello's" to veterans and wounded warriors.  So tonight I have gone seeking for more involvement via Soldiers' Angels (they have some of the most amazingly organised support groups for all manner of groups - however I can't join the "Sewing team" - I sew but not in the quantity of items required nor do I think I can afford the regular shipping costs across the pond; Ditto for "Operation Top Knot" - which is hand made or donated Baby items for support of expectant military wives;  And I don't think my joining the "Baking team" would be a brilliant idea as my cookies would probably be brick hard after a few weeks in transit to the USA and then on to Downrange)

So I have searched through the available teams and believe I have found the very team that I want to give time and energy to -

The Wounded TLC Team
(extract from the SA information page on this group...)
The Wounded TLC Team is comprised of registered Soldiers’ Angels who want to make a big difference and lend support during the difficult time when a hero is ill or wounded. Knowing they continue to be remembered when no longer deployed can be a huge boost to wounded warriors who face months and years of recovery.
This team is the core of the Wounded Warrior Support efforts of Soldiers' Angels, and a vital part of helping the wounded recover both physically and emotionally for their challenges. Team members send cards and letters of support to service members who are sometimes suffering catastrophic injuries and need to know they are not forgotten. The only commitment is to send a card/letter a week. Individual packages are not sent, but sometimes there are requests for supplies for hospitals or a particular soldier's need.

If you know somebody who would appreciate support from the Wounded TLC Team, please email us. If you would like to join the WTLC Team and help make a difference in the life of a recovering wounded warrior, join Soldiers' Angels. Click here to get started! After you become an Angel, go to to sign up for the team.
And as of tomorrow I will begin to send letters and Australian postcards to a brave recovering trooper.  Hopefully he will get a kick out of receiving mail from "Downunder"

And this makes me a Happy Pax...


  1. Yay,Pax! I'm sure they will greatly enjoy getting postcards from you :)

  2. You have such a huge heart!!!!

  3. Thanks for contintuing the support Pax! :-)