May 26, 2012

Troop Treating

Hello everyone! I am woefully behind on posting reports - sorry about that!  I do have two other posts partially written but just need to sort out my photograph issues before those can "go live" (one of those posts includes photos of the wonderful box of gifts that Coffeypot has sent me)

In the mean time - let's talk about the Perils of receiving Troop Treat parcels from the Mad Australian Lady :D

Adoptee R (airforce - soon to head home again) received a parcel of Aussie sweets (candy) and biscuits (cookies) recently.  I included the infamous Musk Sticks. 

R wrote to me (and has given permission to repost)

The goodie parcel arrived...along with the musk sticks. The guys that I am here with were not part of the 2010 musk life saver experience, so they were very unassuming as I offered them candy from Australia. Many took a bite, stared at me and then asked..."what the Hell is this"? Others took a bite, frowned and guy actually liked them and asked for more...

The best story came from a guy...he is really nice and was very thankful as I offered him a stick in passing. He immediately shoved the entire stick into his mouth and walked into the tent. Well, missing this is totally unacceptable, so I follow, to find him sticking out his tongue and shaking his head. He asked what was that, so I told him. He then said..." I just shoved it in my mouth, I am beginning to regret that". The cookies went pretty fast, but for some reason people don't trust me as much as before. People even went so.far as to sniff the cookies first...AWESOME!!!

Bwhahahahaha!  I adore R and his sense of humour (his awesome wife and he are both Monty Python fans too!)

And G (Army) - who recently received a water balloon launcher and 300 odd water balloons writes about his own adventure....

The water balloon launcher was a hit. It was after I launched one at one of my soldiers (at near point blank range), that I read that the balloons could be launched at up to 80mph. oops

 Hopefully the young soldier is okay - "Opps" indeed :D

So far no communication received from newest adoptee.  Hopefully his shipment of "Summer Sausage" reached him in an edible condition.  His June parcel will have a water balloon launcher of his very own! and with luck he will read the instructions first :D


  1. What could be more fun than a water balloon launcher? I guess a water balloon launcher and sighting the nastiest person you know. You are such a sweetheart. My teddy bear is on my dressing table at the moment. He moves around the room. And how nice that Coffey sent you goodies. He is a great guy.


  2. Glad everyone is enjoying the booty, and thanks for doing it Pax!