June 10, 2012

Medieval dreaming...

Just a very quick post to wave and say hello (and disprove the "abducted by aliens" rumour that seems to be going about :D)

The last few weeks have been super busy at work - clocking up 9 & 10 hour days - and trying to prove to the new boss that I am one of the essential cogs that make our Departmental Library work.  Not quite sure how successful I have been so far but willing to keep plugging away at the concept till it (hopefully) sticks.

And the downside of my working such long days that are filled with stress?!? - I am sleeping only a few hours a night and my health is going wacko again (unexpected vertigo attacks mean that the world really does move for me - no partner required!)

My weekends seem to turn in to a marathon of "catching up on the lost sleep / staving off major dizzy fits (so many little tricks I have learnt to try to keep them at bay) and generally being Mushroom like in my inability to face the world and have a social life (I keep telling myself - "I'll be sociable *next* week").

Luckily this weekend is a long one - Monday being the locally designated "official" Queen's birthday holiday - so I know I can expend just that bit extra energy tomorrow and have Monday to recover.

And what am I doing tomorrow you ask?

Of course you wouldn't guess from this flyer that the event has groups that reenact from the Dark Ages up to the 1900's (there is even a group of American Civil War reenactors - super funny when the Aussies in their group try to sound 'Merican (heh)

My BFF belongs to a 14th Century group - and she will be there with her Oh-so-beautiful-tent

During the day Coz is all in armour - and fighting in the tournament (Foot battles only)

During the rest periods and at night - she dons her lovely gowns and dazzles the gents

At some point (my hectic work life and stress factors not withstanding) I hope to make my own 14th Century clothes and tag along to some of their fun events [and then re-make my 16th Century Elizabethan clothes [the current set being over 10 years old and not quite fitting anymore] and actually attend my local S.C.A meetings].  So my future will have much Medieval Dreaming once I am again on top of things.

As for all other things - I have half a blog post written about one of my very first Soldiers' Angels adoptees (whoops... it will get finished - just as soon as I find where I have stored the rest of the photos of him in Iraq); and I have plotted the next parcels for my three adoptees (Airforce R went home so I acquired another adoptee... this one is a Cpl in the Marines and I hope has a good sense of humour) - waiting on payday to order those.  Oh and I was frivolous and bought myself some socks :D


Should see these arrive from the USA in a few weeks and they will give me something to smile about in the long work meetings.


  1. Hang in there lady, and do what you've gotta... We'll be around!

  2. I agree. Life and health come first.