August 13, 2012

And she shopped....

You may recall from my earlier post about the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary that I did a wee bit of souvenir shopping.

Just a couple of things...

The big fluffy koala (so soft so cuddly) is Mine Mine Mine [my inner 2-year-old coveted it and since my inner-babysitter was dealing with Caffeine withdrawal and wanted some peace - a purchase occurred).

The mid-sized Koala is a surprise for my Mum.  She likes cuddly toys just as much as I do but prefers smaller, easier to store sizes.

The Koala & Kangaroo key-toys are destined for my Lads overseas - as are the postcards.

And the pin...  well I got two of those.  One for myself and one to give away to a blog reader.

Here it is enlarged

So how about a quick competition?

okay... so this photo is boring.. lets find another one.

Copyright holder unknown (advise if it's YOU)
Okay so this is a far cuter photo found in the infinite depths of the Internet.

So what say you?  Can you think of a nice caption for this photo?

CAPTION ME! The Funniest, Wittiest or Awww-ful will win the prize

 The Rules:-

Write a CAPTION for this photo

Must be PG-13! (if you feel that using a rude word is required then bleep it out - let's think of the potential that one day my Mum might read this)

You do NOT need to be a regular reader of this blog to enter (sniffle... but you COULD stick around and read more - just saying)

You can be from anywhere in the world.

If you win - you will need to supply me with a mailing address. I promise to hold the information safely and never share it beyond my Post Office.

If you leave your entry under the "Anonymous" tag - please be sure to add your name or nickname at the bottom so I can track you down later should you win.

If you find that Blogger won't let you post a message or worse - it disappears into the ether - then email me directly (you can find my e address under my profile)

The Winner will need to contact me by last day of August 2012 at the latest with their mailing address or there will be a redraw.

The Winning Joke will be judged on or about the 25th of August

1 comment:

  1. You sure are lucky your inner babysitter was messed up so you could get all that cool stuff.

    Janie, who doesn't have a caption and doesn't need to win this time