October 1, 2012

And the Winners are....

The Pax Poetry competition has closed and I am declaring Dual winners...

The Poems are -

They've got Dingos and Roos,
and trucks named Maloo,
and let's not forget the didgeridoo.
They waltz with Matilda,
and girls they call Sheila.
Some live in a hole,
mining opals, not coal.
Home country of a bear,
who has not a care,
'cause he's stoned on a leaf,
he finds everywhere.
It's called the Land Down Under,
and they like walking about,
in the wondrous Outback.
And with all the things I've mentioned,
I'm pausing to wonder,
Why the hell don't I move there?
Troops serving in the sandbox know,
there's a Soldier's Angel to beware..
she lulls them with water balloon launchers.
and then sends MUSK STICKS 'over there'!

Coffee drinking 'Joes'
receive notes left and right
and become her penfriends
to ask her 'what is vegemite'?

Bloggers round the world
vie for prizes worth keeping
But better than the prizes
is reading Marion's Meepings

Troopers,Joes, and bloggers
really know this fact
There's an Angel in Australia
and her name is PAX
Thank you Kathi and ExAFcrewdog - one coin will be sent to you each (good thing I had an extra :D)
Please email me directly with your mailing addresses [which I will promptly delete once your prize is sent off to you] - paxford AT gmail DOT com


  1. Very nice ones, and congrats to the winners!

  2. Those are excellent. I quite enjoyed them.


  3. Woohoo!! just saw this, been without Internet for almost a week while we were moving...so excited!! THANK YOU, PAX :)