April 12, 2013

The War to End all Wars...

... still bringing them home almost 100 years later


The remains of another five Australians killed during the Battle of Fromelles in World War I have been identified.
The Battle of Fromelles was... the bloodiest 24 hours in Australia's military history, with over 5,500 diggers killed or wounded.
The recently identified soldiers were among 250 Australian and British soldiers who were recovered from a mass burial site at Pheasant Wood in France.
The soldiers' bodies were recovered in 2009 and reburied in the Fromelles Military Cemetery the following year.
There are now 124 Australians who have been identified from the site.
Lest we forget....



  1. It's so amazing that lost soldiers can now be identified and returned to their own countries. May they rest in peace.


  2. If they were to go into the Toomb of the Unknown, they could id him too. Forensic Science has come a long way. And I am so glad the few have been identified, but wish they could be brought home to rest.

  3. My hats off to the soldiers! May they rest in peace. So nice to bring them home.

  4. It's ALWAYS good to get them home, even if it is a long time later... Closure is good!