November 3, 2013

November? Already?

Whoops - I am so behind with the blogging - so sorry about that.

Just a very quick update as I am due to race off to visit with my parents for lunch.

My New job continues to go well.  Three days a week - permanent part-time and really lovely people to work with.  I think I have been blessed to find this position.

My home renovations are limping along with a bit of a splutter. 
Have just taken possession of another lockable storage cupboard for my carport (it came flatpak of course so yesterday I became my alter-ego of "Assembly Girl" - fastest spanner in the universe!).  I plan to shift things out from the laundry in to the two cupboards so that I can begin the renovations in there.  Plans are for a tiled floor - removal of the old cement double sink to allow a much more compact tub to be installed (I need more bench space so this will help); installation of a proper work bench at one end so I can keep all the tools together and have somewhere sturdy to do leather work and other crafts.
By the time I am done I will have the most sparkly clean and *useful* laundry room on the block! (due to the nature of the apartment building I live in - the laundry room fronts my carport on the ground floor - luckily for me it's right below my apartment so I don't have far to descend to reach it)

So I should be able to keep any "Honey Do's" to a minimum.  Which is good since they are in reality "Dad can you's".   :)

Catch up with you all soon!

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  1. Glad to hear that the job is going well :) I was supposed to be back in Brissy next week but they cancelled the trip :( .. hoping to get over there early in the new year though.