July 22, 2010

Pax's heart is working fine!

And I know this because I just emptied my post box to find a returned letter. 

A Returned letter from "over there"

I focused just on the "return to Australia" and the address all crossed out in black and broke out in a cold sweat - hands shaking - heart thundering.  Chaotic thoughts rolling through my brain that it was returned because something Bad or Worse had happened to one "my" adoptees.

After what felt like an eternity - but was probably only a minute or two - my eyes refocused enough to realise that it was a letter address to "C".  Instant relief as I'd seen him post on his Facebook account just yesterday.

So thank you over-efficient Mail workers of the USA Army - I'm sure that my letter arriving 3 or so days after C's unit was moved to another base obviously put it into the "suspect" box.  I really REALLY hope that none of C's nearest & dearest had the same thing occur - at least my hearts working fine enough to cope.


  1. Unless it's and emergency move, the nearest and dearest will be notified of the cutoff date of receiving mail. But I would think the Army P.O. would be able to forward a letter to the new AO. Army!!!

  2. Goodness. Mail like Pony Express days.

  3. 2 minutes is an eternity in those situations, huh? Glad all is well. Now get his new addy so you can send him that Eucalyptus scented mace. hehee.

  4. Pop on his facebook page {if you can} an tell him that the letter the Army returned will be on its way as soon as you can get the new AO along with whatever will fit in a small box.

    Jeesh! Army. Never heard of forwarding the mail? Marines do. Why not you?

    grumble...mumble...mumble...grumble...DO NOT ask what was being said...NOT NICE.

    Miss Em

  5. Sweetie, give Vicki a shout. She misses you terribly.