August 3, 2010

A Prayer for Justin

O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer,
please set angels over me to keep me in all Your ways,
to bear me up in their hands and to keep my feet from stumbling.

Mail I have sent to my Strong and Very Silent Soldier, Justin, has begun to be returned.

Please send prayers his way as I try to find out from Soldiers' Angels if they know if he's simply headed home (I hope) and gone "No Mail".

Sad Pax


  1. What is his DROS? (return home date)

    I'm with ya anyway.

  2. Prayers sent his way to find you! Don't fret yet. We're all with you!

  3. Candles lit
    Prayers rising on the smoke of sacred White Sage.

    Fingers and toes crossed too.

    Miss Em

  4. Coffey - No idea of DROS. SA doesn't always get told and since J has never been in touch with me, I'm in the dark.

    Momma - thanks :)

    Miss Em - Thank you for the Prayers.

    So far I have : webmailed SA (waiting on an answer); found someone on MYspace that may or may not be J (left a message); found someone on Myspace that may or may not be one of J's team mates (left a message). Fingers crossed that he's safe & home & happy.

  5. Guess you tried Facebook too?
    Hang in there...we're believing for the best with you.
    Hugs & prayers.

  6. Hi Wrexie

    Yes - I did try Facebook and got 30 different hits. Sadly I don't know his home town or have a photo to help work out if he's on there or not.

    I *have* heard from Soldiers' Angels and they are trying to find out where he is/if he's home. So waiting anxiously for news from them.

  7. Any word yet Pax? Still believing the best...

  8. No Wrexie - still no word on J. I've pinged my mentor at SA again - hoping they can advise that he's safe.

    Guess my next step might be asking on a public Facebook forum like Cup of Joe in case someone from FOB Stryker can assist me in getting the chaplain's email [I don't want to invade his privacy at all - just hoping for a "he's safe & well" confirmation]

  9. Sincerely invites you to be my friend! Thank you very much for your presence!