April 7, 2011

Name that Camel!

It's been a busy few days here Downunder.

I have managed to catch up with most of my correspondence and bill paying; and have organised the final parcel for my adopted soldier JJ.

JJ goes "stop mail" at the end of April so I wanted to get one more small parcel of Aussie munchies off to him so he can remember me with fondness (... and in years to come he'll join the ranks of those few - those rare few - that can begin a beer-infused conversation with "There was this goofy Aussie Angel...").  I'm hoping my weekly witty written ramblings (ooh I love Alliteration!) and occasional parcels made the time Downrange a little less glum for him.

And every now and then one of my adoptees sends me something in return and I get all gobsmacked at their kindness and thoughtfulness and get a wee bit teary-eyed - because it's not something you ever expect (the guys are downrange - in the sun & sand and drama and everyday shelling attacks - they're generally too busy to even drop notes on facebook let alone plot surprises for the unwitting Aussies)

So in today's post there came a parcel.. and within the parcel was

artistically posed on the wall-hanging that Izzy sent me. Trying to
keep the "Iraq" flavour here.

I've promised my Adoptee that I will think of a suitable name for my newest plush companion but I'm coming up a little blank ("Joe" seems too lacking in originality; and "Sir Humps-a-lot" will probably offend someone).  So my loyal gang of followers (Looking pointedly at the Lurkers from Downrange) can you suggest a clever and/or witty name for my Camel of Iraq'y'ness?

I can probably come up with a small prize for the winning entrant - however it won't be Timtams until the weather grows colder.


  1. Love that. Very cute. Lumpy? just kidding not a good name for a camel. Humpty? no that was an egg. Joey? no too common. Well, Pax, I am not very good at this. how about Fargo? Yes, I like that one. LOL

  2. ...... SID ......

  3. Cool gift, Pax. Just call him Izzi, in his honor. Or Sgt Izzi...nah...just Izzi.

  4. I love that he's/she's wearing a boonie hat. If you didn't go with the aforementioned "Sopwith"--which is genius, by the way--I'd recommend "Boonie." As a bonus, I seem to recall that was the name of the bartender character in "China Beach" (1988).

    Strangely, this isn't my first trip to the Australian Camel Rodeo, by the way. Used to talk camels all the time with an Aussie colleague in Egypt. We were almost ready to write a book or nature documentary on the topic. So how about "Feral" as a name? As in ... "Australian feral camel"?

    I crack myself up.

  5. Roger Wilco. I'm having a weird block- can only come up with two name monikers.

  6. Waddy- after wadi- what gullies are called over there. I'll quit.