April 20, 2011

Pax the Plumber (?)

Last weekend saw some urgently required home renovations occuring here in Villa-de-Pax.

How desperate I hear you ask?  well.. the water gushing from the rusted-out pipe on to the laundry floor made it a somewhat urgent "better fix me fast" project

Luckily I am armed with a Handy-Dandy DIY Dad, and once we managed to unscrew the 40+ year old solid metal pipe from under the laundry tubs we were (sort of) in business.

it's like alien microbes have had a happy munch attack!

One quick-ish trip to the Local hardware store later and we were in possession of a new plastic sink trap and a few other bits and pieces (Dad had raided his store of plastic plumber bits so we didn't need to spend too much $$ thankfully)

And as you can see from the above pics the other two downpipes are in need of some TLC too.  So following Dad's rather precise written instructions, I have applied Rust converter to the affected bits and will paint on Metal Primer to the exposed pipe bits (and that rather nasty looking grill there) on the weekend.  After that it's a few coats of gloss paint for metal, and some flat paint on the concrete drain bit and it will look all sparkly.

All achieved without any bodily injuries* GO ME!

*I'm not sure where my Dad got the idea that I was a DIY Klutz - I mean... one little incident with a dropped saw and my trying to catch it mid-air [cause I didn't want it damaged by hitting the ground] and the man seems to think I'm a walking disaster just waiting to occur - how unfair is that!.  It's not like my fingers didn't recover or anything!

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  1. The only DIY I know about centers around my love life.