May 7, 2011

Early May updates

Well May has arrived and is already turning into a Super Busy month.

So far I have:-

* Posted off the ANZAC pins to Suz and two of my adoptee's - J & G.

* Said Safe Travels to JJ who is due to return from Downrange very shortly

* Adopted two new (soon to be) poor bewildered Americans via Soldiers Angels.  One is a National Guardsman; the other a Marine.

* Organised a book of on How to make super amazing paper airplanes to be sent to JD (I *think* he's airforce. He's one of my "super-silent" types so no return correspondence has been received). Hopefully he & his team will enjoy the craft work

* Organised some super cute toy Koala's to be sent to the new guys (Pax's support plan... parcel one -  send something sweet & nice and then steadily ramp up the weirdness from there - bwhahahahah!)

Oh and in the middle of that I had a birthday.   Lunch with the parents, a few lovely gifts.

Mum & Dad gave me a handy dandy tool box (a small, light one that I won't strain my weak girlish arms lifting about :D)

A Friend sent me flowers

Two of my friends sent Amazon book vouchers - Wheeee!!! Book shopping ahead! :)

And my BFF Cozzles - well she outdid herself.
See the painted tube case there?  It's a hand made shaped leather needle case.  Once she made it she painted the design herself from a 1460 source. The Bone awls that were part of the gift fit into it well too. All storable in the little leather pouch. So now I have my medeival sewing kit all organised and ready to use - YAY!!!

And now - with the weekend here and my refinancing valuation looming very quickly (next wednesday actually) I need to go finish up all the paint and patch projects I have.  Cozzles is due over later today - we need to brain storm on fixing a very annoying cupboard door problem, with possibly a run to the local Hardward store (yes yes.. Pax is a weird girl - she LIKES hardware stores.  Just think what a very excellent girlfriend she'd make!) and then back on home to homemade Pizza.

Oh and I guess at some point I should look at booking a dentist appointment.  Uber-annoying upper left wisdom tooth has decided to make it's presence known once again.  On the Upside - it's too painful to eat much atm so maybe it will be my super-secret diet aid! (hey every little bit helps :D)


  1. A belated Happy Birthday! So, do you ever sit still?

  2. Happy Birthday! And so glad people know what a great person you are and show you. You are wonderful to the troops and shows what a big heart you have.