May 17, 2011

Munchies Paxed & Sent

Payday today so in between paying bills and calculating when others are due, I have arranged for some Aussie munchies to head off to my two newest adoptees. (small parcels only this time guys - I promise more interesting ones next month when the financial quarter has passed)

There are a few "surprise" items in each order that I won't tell you about in case my "boys" are uber-leet with the keyboard.  I've also included the classic staples of:-

Musk Sticks ^
These probably should come with a warning sticker of "Some Americans hate the taste - eat at own peril" :D

Unsure if I have ever waxed lyrical about Eucalyptus drops - they are GREAT if you have a sore throat (very soothing) and yes! they do smell like a Gum Tree.  I think if I am ever to roam far from my native shores that I will ensure i take a pocketful of these with me - one sniff and I'm reminded of home & the scent of the bush.

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