September 9, 2011

Tired Pax is Tired

Well it is the last day of my recreation leave today and I don't feel that I have achieved enough.

True I have the door varnishing almost conquered [the outside has been all sanded back with fine grade sandpaper and therefore only requires another coat or two to finish. The Inside is to be sanded today].  I am cranky that I still haven't been able to do the overlapped bits - due to the installer playing "Oh! Sorry! How about tomorrow?" with me for most of the week.  He has now said "Saturday PM! Definitely!" - which is all well and good that I might finally get the doors off the sliding rails to finish painting - but gives me no idea of when I can get them rehung [hopefully I can learn the trick to getting them on & off and can just get some strong-armed help Sunday night to rehang].

Oh and yes - I have organised the new living room floor installation.  Contract signed for wooden floor boards to cover the floor area - and installation for sometime in October.

Still dithering over floor tiles for the hall, kitchen & balcony but I'm getting closer to a choice on that.  I need to purchase those in bulk and store them for now as I will be (eventually) learning how to tile from my Dad (with the balcony as the "learning zone").  The Hall is also an easy area to do. 

The Kitchen... sigh... that's a whole 'nother drama there that I will close my eyes to, cover my ears with my hands and loudly sing "La La La" till it magically goes away.  [but if any of my blogging friends know anything about re-planning kitchen space so that there is room for a table? - please contact me!]

Now if only I had another week of leave - I might actually find time to do that whole "relaxing" thing (or not... Pax's in a natural state of rest tend to devour books, donuts and annoy the cat by hogging the couch)

In other news - I think I will extend the drawing of the woolen hat to early next week.  So you have another few days to enter (or if you are on the Navy vs. Marine all-in-brawling teams - you have time to add a few more amusing exchanges)

Now excuse me as I go to once more apply varnish - wait for it to dry - sand it back - and then do a final coat. 

My Life - So Darn Exciting!

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  1. You have to go back to work to get some rest. But your place will be a showcase when you are finished.