July 30, 2012

Day one

First day of my recreation leave today (aka 'holidays' to us native English speakers over here).  I have two weeks off work - primarily to de-stress a bit; watch some of the Olympics*; and go spend some quality time with my Mum while I can (I won't put in a rant here about how much I hate Cancer. Such a cruel disease)

Of course I first have to get over the latest bout of the flu/cold illness that I contracted last week. So taking things slow for the first few days until that passes - and making sure I am 100% before going anywhere near my parents place.

Other plans for the fortnight include (hopefully) - a visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. I need to get some "cute Aussie animal" pictures to send to my two current adopted Soldiers - and I'd like to write a review on how I enjoy the place in case any of my overseas friends head this way. (the last time I was at Lone Pine I was about 4 years old.... amazing how time flies ;D)

I would like to also go visit the Douglas MacArthur museum.  Not sure if they allow photography inside there but will review & report.  The Museum is only open a few times a week so I will have to check times and synchronise my iPhone clock [trivia fact - I don't wear a watch these days. I used to have a lovely pendent one that hung from a chain but time & travels have done for it. All clock watching now is done via the ubiquitous mobile phone]

I am also rather obsessively watching all news reports on the status of Public Service jobs. The Newly elected conservative State government here is decimating the public sector - taking no interest in who actually supplies the work or information required to run things effectively or efficiently but rather minimising on a "numbers" system only (20% more jobs to be gone by X date thank you very much).  And since I am well aware that Libraries are seen as "un-necessary" extravagances by the Philistines above us - then it is rather likely that my job will be declared as "unrequired".

As you can guess my stress levels are somewhat high.  It's all really a waiting-game at the moment

Oh and for anyone offering helpful "Go look for a new job NOW" advice - there aren't any in my field being offered. I really need to either change my employment field OR get my Librarians degree - both of which will require that I attend University full time for a few years. Which is an option that I am seriously looking at should I have the funds to do so.

Ah well.. at least I can spend the next few days working out Plan B to F - for Pax's future. You never know - I might even be able to finally do some travel. My Bucket list is immense :)

*with the time difference from the UK to Australia I can catch some of the events live from 7.30ish at night and into the wee hours o the morning. Luckily I have a Foxtel version of Tivo and can record the rest to watch in the mornings.


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  2. @DNA - it's commendable that you are self-funding a film however I am curious as to your marketing strategy here.

    Have you targeted my blog simply due to my support of Military folks? If yes - do you intend to involve Returned Veterans in your film making ventures (at standard S.A.G. rates) - or do you intend to promote Military Support groups or donate to them in the event of your film being successful?

    Most curious as to your response