July 23, 2012

Pax's Dad

My Dad emigrated to Australia when he was 17 - assisted by the Big Brother foundation who paid for his travel across the waves and arranged for his first job in the Bush.

When he turned 18 he was required - as were all Australian males at the time - to join the Australian Army under the National Service Act (1951).  They were required to attend 99 days of full time training and then two years in the Australian Citizens Military Forces (rather like the Reserve forces or National Guard requirements of today).

My Dad has the best memories of this time - and he found me the below photo taken of him and some of his platoon. 2nd Lighthorse Division

My Dad is the tall one - 3rd from the right.

Photo was taken at the Holsworthy Army Barracks - 1951.

Love you Dad :)


  1. Nice pics. Some of us wonder what our country would be like today if we still had mandatory military service (the old Draft). I think it would make a lot more people really thing about who they voted for for president and stuff like that.

  2. That is so cool! No wonder you are such an advocate for the troops! Bravo, Dad! Thank you for your service! Great pic.

  3. Men, rough'n'ready, and serving. That photo is beautiful in so many ways.

  4. I asked on FB about this before I had the chance to read this. The draft was a good thing, taught boys responsibility, self-reliance and most never saw combat. I know your dad is proud of his days there. Thank him for me. LYLT+

  5. What a heart-warming post. Thanks for sharing with your reader audience. Looks like you come from some mighty fine stock :)

  6. You have a handsome dad.