December 6, 2012

Power and Peace and Pax Oh My!

Just a quick update to prove to the Universe that I am still kicking.

This last week has been a busy one and it's only THURSDAY morning here!

Let's recap...

Sunday I flew out of Brisbane City airport at an awfully early time - headed to Canberra (Capital City of Australian and two States away) as one of my dear friends has been admitted to hospital.  Stay was a short one - down Sunday and back Monday p.m.  And possibly the less said about the hotel the better (the bed at least was comfortable - the staff service was dreadful - it's only really redeeming feature that it was within walking distance of Canberra Hospital).  Oh - and please all avoid the "Quality Hotel Woden" and it's attached restaurant/bistro/gaming hall.  - They have no idea about food or service.  Example point - they serve all "cold" (for a relative factor of cold being "luke-warm") in the bottles they are sold in.  When I asked "May I have a Glass please" they were confused and dumbfounded and milled about like cattle-struck-with-footinmouth.  "No" they replied - we don't have glasses".  Apparently they save on washing up bills this way...

Monday night - flew back to Brisbane - and when my friend dropped me home I noticed that something "Looked Odd" in my carport area.  Due to the cleverness of the builders here the carports are not secure to the outside world.  I store a few items in a cupboard there (cupboards that only hold items due for junking or giving away or were potting items for my plants.  All low value stuff). 

Any-theft-tales - someone has had a fun time going through my stuff stored there and taken off with some planting pots and a bag of candles and a few other small items.  I suspect Kids because yeah... all really low value junky type things (although the china plant pot was a nice looking one it's got a crack all the way through it).  So I'm not upset about what was taken - only that someone was rude enough to steal in the first place.  So Monday night I ordered a new lockable metal storage cupboard - to be delivered later this week and I plan to reorganise everything in the carport & (lockable) laundry to make it a useful addition.  Older cupboards are going to be given away (I need to keep the space tidy or the other residents can (rightfully) complain.  So out with the old - in with the new - ya-booh to the would be future thieves of the world).

And we are up to TUESDAY.   Early Tuesday I did a quick clean up / inventory of loss / toss of unrequired items in the carport.  I stopped by 8.30am as it was to be the Hottest day locally for the last 11 years.
At 10am my friend (Miss M) and I headed off to the lovely air conditioned fasthold of IKEA as we both had items we needed to acquire.   Nice half-day out including lunch and then I was dropped home at 1pm-ish.  To discover that the local power authority had CUT OFF MY ELECTRICITY!

Much drama ensued - luckily I had help from a friend to field the telephone calls to the Utility companies and discovered that "Oh Gosh! We're sorry - we were supposed to cut off the power of the same numbered Apartment in the Building *Next Door* to her.  Power guy must have read the wrong number".  So two miserably hot and stress filled hours later (remember - this is the hottest day here for what seems like forever - it peaked at 39.5celsius which is 103fahrenheit) - and suddenly I was back on the grid.  Can we just state that I now loathe, despise and abhor even more the local power groups?

Ahh.. now on to Wednesday...  Delivery of new secure cupboard that... oh dammit... arrived in flat-pack rather than built (I apparently missed the fine-print at the order site).  Okay.. okay... I can build this - I have the technology [on the SECOND hottest day locally yadda yadda yadda].  It is all built but I did almost have heat stroke at one point (who'd have thought how much hotter it gets when you are inside the damm thing with screwdriver and a colourful vocabulary!).

Once it was built I gave up and went for a cooling rest.

So... on to today - THURSDAY.  Good start - have managed to enrol in to a Justice of the Peace class that I have been wanting to take for a while.  It's 3 days next week - after which I sit for the exam and if successful - will be able to witness documents and assist the local community as a volunteer notary. (Plus it will look just FINE on my CV for future job applications)

As for the rest of the week... I am hoping it will not be as eventful.  Tomorrow (Friday) I am off to visit my Mum & Dad and make sure they got through the heat wave okay.  Saturday I will be assisting Miss Cozzles with belt sanding/grinding the rest of the glue off her floor so that tiling can take place later this month. [yes yes... still very hot here so we will be taking lots of rests and guzzling our weight in water]

Sunday I believe I am off to a Sci-fi event in the city.  Sunday night I plan on collapsing and recovering....

Now whoever wished me to have an "Interesting Week" - do you think you got your value from it? :D


  1. Your summer sounds like ours. It was long and unbearably hot. Relief has now arrived.


  2. I think it's time a you to just set and chill or a day or two. Love on mom and dad, and let your ear infection get better. Rest and restore.

  3. Yeah, but that's the CHINESE version of interesting... don't want them... :-) Be careful out there Lady!

  4. Dressing up for the sci-fi event?

    1. MsgtB - not this time. And probably a good plan too since I had a bit of a "fail" on the attendance (major dizzy fit hit before I made it to the venue...)

      Next time Gadget - next time!

  5. :( .. i'ld send you some rain (it's pouring here in Perth), but being that you're in Qld, you probably don't want rain in Dec / Jan :)

  6. Well, at least you got all your bad luck out of the way so the REST OF YOUR LIFE will all be grins and giggles!?