November 29, 2012

Winner! - Poppy Coin Contest

Recently I ran a competition to win a rare coin that was issued to celebrate Remembrance Day here in Australia

There were a couple of heart-felt entries and a winner has been chosen

Old NFONovember 13, 2012 5:02 AM
I'd like to win this as a reminder of my Father, who was in WWI and fought through Belgium, which is where the poppys grew and were immortalized in the poem "In Flanders Fields".

Also, it reminds me of the ties I've made with the RAN, including being honored to participate in the Remembrance ceremony aboard USS Parramata in 2009 at Stirling.

CONGRATULATIONS! - and please contact me with your delivery address for posting

And in other news...

Santa stocking boxes were shipped off to my two adoptee's mid-month... hopefully they will receive them soon

And "in home" news.  I had my first job interview in 15 years today.  It mostly went well despite my having chronic "bad hearing" today (still have an on-going ear infection that the Doctors all agree is "nasty" but have no options on the healing of it other than "take the medication we've given you; apply the drops to your ears - give it time")  Ehhh...

Oh and my trip to Melbourne last week for a training course went well too.  I got to spend one whole day playing "Tourist" (14 hours in a tour bus - eek!).  Couple of photos below

Loch Ard Gorge
The Apostles Rocks (only 8 now!)

Due to lack of numbers the Tour company cancelled the night-time visit to Philip Island Penguin parade which I was a bit sad about. However I stumbled upon the Melbourne Aquarium during my Friday lunch break and spent a happy 40 minutes seeing the exhibits especially their live penguin display.



  1. Congrats, Old NFO and Hand Salute to your dad.

    I also have many friends from the RAN.

  2. Thanks Pax, and CP... Re Melbourne at least you got to see more than I did... Arrived at noon, meeting that afternoon, 'mandatory' dinner, meetings all the next day, airport and off to Adelaide; total time less than 36 hours!

  3. Well done, Old NFO. That's a great entry.