November 12, 2012

Operation Santa Stockings 2012

I have been working on the Troop Treat Christmas parcels that I am about to send off to my two Soldiers' Angels troopers. [one is my "Official" adoptee - a Marine. The other I meet via the letter team and is my "Unofficial-but-I-Like-to-send-him-emails" friend]

Still a work in progress so final photos yet to come (I need to find shipping boxes big enough to take all the goodies yet not too big that it will cost me $ to ship from Australia. That is part of tomorrow's quest).

All the goodies laid out and ready. (sorry for the blurriness!)
Stockings stuffed with all manner of fun things :)
I have included a marsupial toy with each - just because I can!
And I have just hand made two Aussie Christmas
wreaths (they are a bit "fluffy" but will hopefully make the
Lads smile)
Rest of the parcels include Christmassy balloons, and garlands, a mini pop-up tree; and decorations Oh My!  Also some mini candy-canes - and if I can remember to obtain tomorrow - a packet of Musk Sticks each (mwhahaha... my equivalent of "Coal" it the boys have been naughty :D)
You may have guessed by now that I adore sending Troop Treats - it really makes me feel like I am able to give back to those that need the Love and Care.


  1. Wow! Children would be happy with these on Christmas. Just continue being a Santa Claus my friend.

  2. You are the most unselfish, awesome person in all of the land!

  3. Very nice ones! :-0 You are doing GOOOOOOOD work Lady!