November 11, 2012

Poppy Coin Contest

Closing date for entries now 25th of November

The Australian Mint has issued the first ever Legal Tender coloured coin - to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Last week I acquired a few - and one will be given away as the Prize to the below competition

This is the coin up close -

In order to enter you MUST write a short paragraph on WHY you would like the Poppy Coin (what it means to you etc). And then submit it - along with your name/blogging name - as a comment to this post.

The Rules:-

Must be PG-13! (if you feel that using a rude word is required then bleep it out - let's think of the potential that one day my Mum might read this)

You do NOT need to be a regular reader of this blog to enter (sniffle... but you COULD stick around and read more - just saying)

You can be from anywhere in the world.

If you win - you will need to supply me with a mailing address. I promise to hold the information safely and never share it beyond my Post Office.

If you leave your entry under the "Anonymous" tag - please be sure to add your name or nickname at the bottom so I can track you down later should you win.

If you find that Blogger won't let you post a message or worse - it disappears into the ether - then email me directly (you can find my email address under my profile)

The Winner will need to contact me by last day of November 2012 at the latest with their mailing address or there will be a redraw.

The Winning comment will be judged on or about the 20th of November 25th of November

***just in case the whole idea of writing something is wigging you out, I have included some examples on how you could frame your entry***

"I would love to win the Poppy Coin because it reminds me of the service my *insert name/relative/friend* here"
"Would be a cool thing to have in my memorabilia cabinet - along with my other Remembrance Day badges"


  1. I'd like to win this as a reminder of my Father, who was in WWI and fought through Belgium, which is where the poppys grew and were immortalized in the poem "In Flanders Fields".

    Also, it reminds me of the ties I've made with the RAN, including being honored to participate in the Remembrance ceremony aboard USS Parramata in 2009 at Stirling.

    1. WINNER!

      Please contact me Old NFO with a mailing address :)


  2. I would like to win one but way less than I'ld like OldNFO to win. Jim is a special friend, so I'll stand aside and hope he gets it!

  3. Just a heads up - I will be away for a training course from tomorrow so entry deadline has been extended until the 25th of November


  4. I would like the coin as a reminder of the great sacrifices the ANZACs made in order to help defeat the forces of evil and eliminate the greatest threat of their time. Having visited Australia a few times and trained with the regiments there, it would remind me of some of the toughest jungle fighters I ever met and the great fighting men Australia produces. Nothing like having a buddy at your side who can give as good as he gets.

    Semper Fi!

  5. I would like to see you keep the coin as a remembrance for all the wonderful things you do for our troops. There are few with a heart as big as yours and you've earned this wonderful gift. . .