May 2, 2013

May Post

May has arrived - and the lovely Autumn weather of Brisbane is glorious to behold.  Cool but sunny and no rain - wonderful.

"Received" an early birthday "gift" today (my birthday is the 4th) - trip to the dentist for what I had hoped was simply a lost filling.  Turned out to be a crack through the tooth and so I now have one less tooth for the brushing (recovery will take a few days and I am currently very propped up by the pharmacy-grade pain meds). It was my upper right back tooth so it's loss won't interfere too much with my life.

In other actually GOOD news - I have a job interview on Monday for a Library Assistant's position.  So if you can spare some good thoughts - please wing them my way.

Oh and I have heard from my new Soldier's Angel adoptee.  Mike is a clever, articulate and dedicated member of the USA Army.  He's has a wonderfully good sense of humour and we have been exchanging emails since I adopted him.  So very glad I have 'met' him [so far a batch of goodies have been sent off to him - he's received the small batch of Aussie cookies & candy (no no musk stick - I am being nice!) and a plush kangaroo toy he has named "Jack"; and I sent him a copy of the movie "Finding Nemo" (we have been joking about that since my introductory email explaining that I live "half way between the Reef and Wallaby Way Syd-e-ney").  Girl Scout cookies are also on their way to him].  He is very much a ray of sunshine in my life - making all the uncertainties of lack-of-job fade away whenever I chat with him. So very glad I found Soldiers Angels five years ago (almost to the day actually - it was my "Pay it forward" Birthday gift to myself five years ago and never once regretted.)

Now to get over the extraction and be all smiles come Saturday.  I am having lunch with my Parents and haven't wanted to worry them,  Wish me a speedy recovery! :)

edited to add - lol someone just asked me if I have a "wish list' for my birthday.  I do but I don't expect any gifts - your all-abiding love and support are all I need [but if that's just tooo freaky to contemplate - here's my amazon link - ]


  1. Ok. I am so getting you an Amazon card when we get paid for the books. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy late Birthday! Hope your weekend was great. . .

  3. Happy Late Birthday

    How did the interview go?