May 20, 2013


R U OK = Are you Okay - a national day held in September to 'support those struggling with life' (website HERE)

I have just been reading an article in the New York Times on the recent rise in suicides in the military
I know that some of my former Troop-Support Adoptees follow my blog (or have me friended on Facebook) and I really want you to know that if you need someone to talk to - to vent at; to rant about things to - or in the extreme cases - a place to come stay at for a short while* - then I am here for you.
Don't keep the pain inside - staying quiet and stoic are the worst things to do.
Always your Angel,
*staying-space is a single mattress on the lounge-room floor - dealing with my cat and my quirky nature. You will also need a ticket to Australia! [it's a one bedroom mini-apartment so not being claustrophobic would help too :D]


  1. So kind of you, Pax. I'll be there as soon as I can buy a plane ticket, which means I'll never be there.


  2. Well done Lady. It is hard to get folks to talk, especially when they 'fear' being looked down upon...

  3. Once again, you share the kindness and generosity in your heart. You are a treasure. Bravo, Pax!