July 26, 2013

Poor Nemo

So did "someone" discover that Nemo is really a socialist?

The US military has agreed to retrieve four unarmed bombs it dropped on the Great Barrier Reef during a training exercise that didn't go to plan.

US warplanes were forced to drop the bombs after they ran dangerously low on fuel during a problem-plagued operation in central Queensland earlier this month.

The planes were unable to drop the ordnance where they had intended because civilian vessels had wandered into the pre-approved drop zone.

Instead, they were let go in about 50 to 60 metres of water inside the boundaries of the Great Barrier Reef marine park. [more of the story HERE ]

[note. I hold no rights to these pictures and hope that the Big Mouse
squad does not attempt to "Pluto" me in the night]


  1. LOL. Poor Nemo. Those drat unexpected moments where deliveries are dropped from the air. And no chocolate!

  2. What a shame. Such a mishap. I hope Nemo survives.


  3. What- no love for Dory? They're going to retrieve those bombs. That is probably when the real damage will be done.

  4. Well, the option was the entire Harrier, or just the bombs... And they 'targeted' the least sensitive area, marked it well (by direction of the Aussie staff) and are recovering them shortly. It's funny how the military comes under fire even when they try to do things right; but just like up here, the left NEVER goes after the merchant ships/others that dump barrels/trash/grey water/fuel in that area because they don't care..

  5. Old NFO has the best, most logical response. Mine is: YES, NEMO IS A COMMIE!

  6. Oh... Was THAT the question? If so then yes, YES he is...