August 18, 2013

More Adventures of the USA Flat Soldiers

Last week our Heroes and Shero were spotted at the Queensland Exhibition (aka our State Fair)

They looked to be having a great deal of fun!

They found the Pirates Revenge Water ride
Watched the Dairy Cow judging
Stopped by the Australian themed garden display
Failed to be pecked by Kookaburra statues
And ended their day at the Funnel Cake stall
Later in the week they were spotted at the Queensland Museum...

"Swimming" with the Fishes at the Great Barrier Reef exhibit
Visiting the Muttaburrasaurus langdoni
Much fun was had by all (especially the curious by-standers who would engage me in chat with the opening line of "What ever are you doing?".  It's a good opportunity to mention to them that Troop Support programs exist all around the globe!)

Next week.... more adventures of the Flat and Funny.... STAY TUNED!