August 11, 2013

News Flash! USA Soldiers spied at Medieval event

well... okay so it's Flat Soldiers (a modern-day Troop Support version of the Flat Stanley).  The Goal is for volunteers to print off the Flat Soldier picture and photograph them on adventures around your home town.  Since I'm one of the SA Downunders' - my photos will be just a wee bit "Exotic" to the average American eye (I hope! :D).  The Photos are then whizzed back to the Soldier's individual Angels for sending on (or in the case of one really clever Angel - added to a photo album titled "What I really did on my last Tour!")

So this last weekend - my FS's joined me on an adventure. My Medieval friends (Society of Creative Anachronism) and I had agreed to travel up the Queensland hinterlands to Nanango to help one of our newer households hold their first event at the local Art Gallery's "Medieval Fair Day"

There were Tourneys and Vikings and Tempting Fudge sellers (who had cunningly added their wares to a pull along cart so they could entice us all with movable goodies)

End of Bout 1 - the defeated on the ground and Miss FS cheering on the victor!)

Beginning of Bout 2
The Author.... attempting to look demure!
All five FS's honing in on the static photo display

Tomorrow or Tuesday the Flat Troopers and I will be off to the local State Fair (known locally as the Queensland Royal Exhibition - and by the locals as the "EKKA").  I am hoping for some good shots with fairy floss; and prize winning sheep etc.  [Stand by for the News reports of "Strange woman stampeded by Sheep at Local Faire" :D

Later in the week they will also accompany me to my Museum job.  The Museum has a "life on the reef" exhibit at the moment - swimming with Nemo would be a good photo I think!


  1. Enjoyed the pics, and glad things seem a bit more 'upbeat'!

  2. I absolutely love these. I think Medieval fests would be so delightfully fun!