February 6, 2014

An ending...

Feeling sad and a bit lost tonight... after 5 years of belonging to the Troop Support group Soldiers Angels, I have resigned my membership.

I find I am no longer comfortable with how it is being managed. I do wish all those Angels still involved the very best - may you continue to show the Troops your love and kindness until they all come home

Hardest thing was writing to my current adoptee to explain just why she will be shortly receiving a "you have been re-assigned" letter... I am sure that she will find a new "official" Angel to care and support her (and if she chooses then she'll have her very own unofficial "Fallen Angel" as well)

And perhaps a new beginning...

It's been suggested by a friend (and fellow Former Angel) that I join a new group that supports the troops directly - no red tape involved - just as much support and joy that I can send.

Let's hope they accept my application - I have a lot of love, care and kindness to give and I can't think of any group more deserving than those that stand in harms way, so that the rest of us can "sleep soundly in our beds"...

Wish me luck!


  1. Pax, I,too, have ended my association with Soldiers Angels for the same reason. Please let me know how your new group works out. I've also always supported through Anysoldier.com, in addition to Soldiers Angels, and there's a group in Illinois who does a great job of supporting the troops,also..they supported my stepson wonderfully through his deployment. You, and all of the other 'Angels' who need to find a new way to 'be' an Angel now, will find a way to continue your awesome support, I'm sure!!

  2. You did the right thing... Just sayin...