February 17, 2014

Slow Pax

... is slow.  And more slow at blogging.

It's not that I don't really have anything to blog about, it's more "do I really want to burden my friends with my dramas?".... the Black Dog of depression has been here to visit me recently

However in less angsty news -

My 3 days a week paying job is going well. I believe I am making a solid contribution to making their digital archive collection both compliant with the Audit (Document) Act; and ensuring that the items can be accessed in to the future. 

My 1 day a week volunteer job at the Museum library is resulting in lost literary treasures being unearthed (last week's 'find' - an 1888 printed book on an Australian Expeditery adventure that seems to be the only original copy left in the world - go me!).  These items have never been included in a catalogue or list of holdings so it is a surprise to the Library staff when I unearth the rarities from the archives

I am continuing with the renovations to my laundry - and by accident - my bathroom (discovered that the window frame in there needed some derusting etc).  Let's *not* talk about how well pavement paint can bond to laundry floor cement....  Grrrrr  [multiple coats of paint stripper seem to be having an effect].  Of course I need a clean floor (slightly scuffed with a sander) before I can lay the new floor tiles... 

Oh and I have committed myself to new window blinds for the apartment - wooden look wide slats in the 'plantation' style old world charm.  Once those are installed (in 6 weeks or so...) then the lounge & kitchen renovations are complete; and it's part the first of the bedroom make over.

I'd still like to win a fortune, find true love, and help with World Peace - but those ones will have to wait for another day to be actioned.

Sorry - Dullus Paxus et Maximus - I'll check in next month and see if there is any more excitement in my life.


  1. Sounds like they need to transform your volunteer work into a paid job with a finders' fee for unearthing the lost treasures. Keep up the good work (paid and volunteer).

  2. Glad the work is 'working out'... so to speak, and congrats on the find! Good luck with the remodeling and remember, there has NEVER been a square room or house built!!!

  3. Sorry to hear you are having down town. I am in a funk too. Glad to know work is good. I am sure they value your smarts.