February 1, 2011

Milsupport Bingo - Do you play too?

So every now and then I read a post from a fellow Mil supporter - mentioning what goodies they've sent off.  The more unusual / fascinating objects then stick in my mind as "ooh I'd love to send that to X downrange" and get added to the "when I can afford / when he/she needs it" list that stores itself in the recesses of my brain.

And when I do manage to ship an item on "THE LIST" off to an adopted soldier, I mentally apply one of those hideously cheerfully coloured bingo markers and mark it as achieved.

Occasionally in the dead of night the neighbours may hear a muffled BINGO!

Latest item to go (giving me Legs-eleven) was a Spork.  Sadly in a dull metallic titanium colour as Amazon.com has issues with sending the multi-coloured strengthened plastic ones Downrange.

Dull, boring but extremely useful (and hopefully tough enough to deal with MRE's) and apparently exactly what my Soldier needs in their life.

So anyone else have weird gift-giving rituals - or am I alone (yet again) in my oddities?


  1. Plastic may be pretty, but it melts in fire and can imbed in skin. I hope and pray none of your dudes ever have to find out, but to be safe, ugly metal is better.

  2. Whenever I was able to send a box, I would do a "Happy" jig and gold star the items on the long-long list of to be sent.

    Pax..YOU ARE THE BEST...even if your neighbors hear you shoutin "BINGO" in the dead of the night.

    Miss Em

  3. >Coffey - I hadn't thought about the safety aspect of plastic. Thanks for giving me the heads up (crosses a few things of "THE LIST")

    >Miss Em - thank you for being a fellow Happy milsupporter. I feel just a tad bit less weird now :)