October 25, 2011

Pax and Hobbies

End of October (almost) so a quick round-up of the months endeavours are in order.

All four of my adopted troops are well and safe.  Two will hopefully be heading home to the USA before Christmas; one has been extended until early 2012; and the last one is stationed "Somewhere not ending in 'Stan" and will be there for another 6 or 7 months or so. (as long as he learns to live with the exotic aroma of Kimchi he'll be okay).

Cards and some small items have been sent along to them in the last month.  For my two guys serving during Christmas, I have found some packs of blank Christmas cards that they can share with their battle buddies - and send to their loved ones at home.

Found them HERE
For my other friends around and about the place - a few other goodies were sent across the waves.

Coffeypot got his hat :)

The winner of the beanie got his hat too!

And the winner of the 200th post Army medallion has confirmed receipt as well :)

Wow I feel a bit like Santa's helper with the amount of things being sent out!

Oh and there is hopefully a smiling (oh please be smiling - and not that "you have amused me enough and now must be ninja'd" grin) friend who received one of these

That makes five of those that I've found and sent out [my four adopted troopers all were happy recipients. One said there was just something special about the implied ka-booms]

Oh and my ninja friend also has one of these - minus the Rising Sun hat pin and slouch clip-
Genuine Akubra!
 He had mentioned some months ago that he really wanted a hat similar to the Aussie Army slouch hats (same colour - same basic style) and well... I'm a bit of a sucker in trying to make people smile so I found him one.
[as a FYI the open crown - in khaki colour - only really comes in the Slouch variety so my happy hat supplier sent me one without the extra bits (badge & slouch clips) but evidence that he'd done a quick bit of unpicking.  He was indeed chuffed at the thought of an Aussie Slouch heading into the hands of a Fearsome USA ninja :D]

In at home news - renovations are on-going.  Veranda has now been tiled [for those that recall - it was supposed to be a "let's teach Pax how to tile so she can go on and do the kitchen herself" - instead it turned in to the usual "Your Father knows best - now be a good girl and watch".  Sigh... one day my parents just might realise that I'm no longer four... ].  Oh and wooden flooring has been installed in the living room (photos to come whenever I manage to put my main computer back together and retrieve them).  I still need to repaint the walls of the Living room; complete the veranda sprucing up (there will be lattice and some attempt to grow climbing plants!) and do the full kitchen refit. Thank heavens I decided not to do anything to the bedroom - or I'd be completely swamped!

Oh.. and in other hobbies (since I guess my Milsupport falls under "obsessive hobby to make adoptee's feel appreciated") - I am a bit of a "Girl" when it comes to collecting some rather exciting examples of gender-specific toys.  (erm... that would translate to "Pax collects Barbies" I guess).

I only have a few - and all are mint-in-box (and I justify my hobby by declaring them as "Investments" instead of "dust-gathering over-priced junk" - as one my ex's was wont to call them) - and I like the unusual or utterly geeky.

However I don't believe I can really see me adding THIS one to my collection any time soon.  She just looks a bit too perky for my taste (plus... I can't see any zombie-destroying arsenal. And how can you be a Marine without the Z_D_A??)

 And that's all from me so Goodnight All.

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  1. Keep up the good work Pax.

    Yeah, Marine Corps Barbie is not my style.