October 4, 2011

Quick update

A Reminder that the competition for the Australian Army medallion closes on the 8th of October - so four more days to send in an entry if you'd like to be in the draw.  (in case you encounter Blogger being being a pain to leave comments - you can email me directly, advising you'd like to be part. paxford AT gmail DOT com)

In Troop support news - I have recently heard from three of my four adoptees. All are doing well, and counting down the days till they come home.

Another silly item has been sent off to two of them; with a more practical snack pack (purchased from the the Soldiers' Angel online store) sent to the other two. (I try to alternate the snacks versus amusement parcels when I can)

In home renovation news - I spent two days ripping up the carpet tack trails in the 3mW x 5mL living room. Not a very fun job at all but necessary prior to the hardwood floor installation. And my day off work yesterday was spent removing the kitchen bench that formerly separated the kitchen and living room. Again this was primarily to assist the new floor installation (the bench base intruded into the living room area by 2 inches and had to go if it was to be laid in square.

Not quite as hard a job as I had feared - thankfully!

I still need to undercoat the exposed wall; add an endcap
(cunningly created from part of the discarded bench top); and
re-attach the cupboard door. The gap in the concrete will need to be
filled in - luckily my Dad is champion at that sort of thing.
Kitchen refit will be occurring after the tiles are relaid - possibly november/december at the rate that Weekends are being eaten up with other family gatherings. At least that will give me more afterwork time to repaint all the walls first!

I am tiring of it all - Remind me again why I was confident I could do most of this myself?

Oh.. and the Cat has graduated from dragging in dead rats and live lizards - to dragging in a very VERY annoyed grass snake. Luckily my kitchen tong-foo is mighty (I *may* have been operating on sheer terror of course) and I managed to open my new sliding doors; deftly scoop the offending creature up and out across the balcony. It survived it's encounter and was last seen slithering it's way down the carport. Needless to say I failed to attain any sleep that night at the thought of a revisit.


  1. I think the grass snake would have gotten our attention as well.

    Good luck with those rennovations.

  2. Snaaaaaaaakes! Even worse than the sea serpent I had in my house. You are one brave badass.


  3. You felt you could do it because you are a hell of a lady. You can do anything you set your mind too. You make me proud. Besides, you don't have a boyfriend right now so you don't have sex so you might as well work off the energy doing something productive. If you don't have a boyfriend by the time you finish, I have some projects you can work on around here.

  4. Hang in there Lady, frustration with home 'improvements' is the norm, rather than the exception! Re the snake, glad it wasn't a Tiger snake... :-)