October 18, 2011

Caption This for Pax and Prizes

Some of you may remember my scientific experiments with the colourful Australian sweet (aka candy) MUSK STICK.

If you're new here - or need a refresher - check back on the reactions of one of Test Subject Groups at America's First Sergeant's website; or Navyone's recounting of his exposure.

Go ahead... I'll wait...





Back?  Now aren't they all a Happy Happy Bunch! (snickers)

So how about I lift one of those photos (with permission of course - let's not have any grumpy A1S's about) and we can do a Caption Contest. 

Caption Me!!!

*Competition Rules - entries can come in from anywhere in the world.

*Winner will be required to supply a valid postal address (I will hold that address secure & private)

*You may make more than one entry but try to keep them relatively polite

*Competition closes on the 30th of October. Winner will be mentioned on the Meepings and has one week in which to contact me or a redraw will occur.

***edited to add - If you find that blogger won't let you leave a comment to enter the competition please email me your interest @ paxford AT gmail DOT com and I will manually enter your name and Witty Caption  into the draw***
Oh and the prize?

How about an Australian Army cap?

Rising Sun symbol in Gold and in relief on the brim and buckle
Available from HERE.

And in case you are wondering how it looks in person - here is the delightful Coffeypot modelling one that I sent him as a gift

See! Even the Navy guys like them :)
 and........ GO!


  1. Marine on left: 1st Sergeant, you are saying I got to carry around this urinal cake whenever I go out into town?
    As1stS: That is right Marine. We got to win hearts and minds. And smelly bathrooms ain't it. . .

  2. "First Sergeant, is the some kind of Nimja food?"

  3. I know what time of the month it is, and it is your responsibility to take care of your lady ninjas. Now take it to her.

  4. Oh, by the way, If I win, I don't want the hat Coffee Pot has been wearing...

  5. @CI-RD - no no - Coffey has his OWN hat (I like to get two so I can competition one and send the other to a friend. Previous ones have reached places not ending in -Stan).

    The Prize for the competition is safely stored somewhere in my bedroom... possibly my knickers drawer - so I'll find it at some point.

  6. "I stick it WHERE?!"

    Aside: "...possibly my knickers drawer..." Needa bit a'help with that, Luv? ; )

  7. If I may be allowed another entry?

    "I'm PREGGERS?!"

  8. From Miss Em

    It's edibile? gag-@!@!-gag--cough--@!@!@ --from a supporter. Does this person even like you? gag-@!@!@!@!--cough--@!@!@!@! Are you sure this person is on our side? gag-!@!@!@--cough--gag-gag

  9. Old NFO said...
    Hah! You lose, now YOU have to stand formation butt naked! :-)