September 23, 2011

Pax's 200th Blog Post and a Prize

***edited to add - If you find that blogger won't let you leave a comment to enter the competition please email me your interest @ paxford AT gmail DOT com and I will manually enter your name into the draw***

The Meepings first began way back in the mists of time (well... 22nd of November 2005 actually) and was created as a base for my "serious" posts (and then promptly forgotten for a few years - whoops!), with the silly stuff and meme's (oh jeezss the amount of stupid memes) taking up room on my LiveJournal account.  Over the years I lost interest in LJing and moved over to Blogger as my primary means of communicating with the world at large.

Mid 2009 saw me begin my tentative forays in to the world of Military Support and regular postings here.  I learnt, over time, what my adopted troops might like, and what might make them smile; and I was blessed to make contact with some amazing people across the Globe, many of whom remain my good (if distant) friends today. And over the years some really amazing gifts have reached me too!

So in celebration of the 200th post - and as thanks to my friends and readers (many one and the same!) - I would like to run a very special competition.

Well... the prize is very special - the competition just run of the mill.


Actual size - approx 2 inches

This medallion celebrates the 110th anniversary of the formation of the Australian Army. 
Our Country became a federation in 1901 (when the Six States agreed to join together as one nation).

To Enter to win this Medallion all you need to do is post a reply to this blog entry saying "YES I WANT TO ENTER" - or words to that effect. 

The Competition will run until the 8th of October and will be a simple "name drawn from hat" method of picking the winner.

You do NOT need to be a regular reader of this blog to enter (but once you get here - stick around! I can be really amusing at times :D)

You can be from anywhere in the world. All that I ask is that you respect that this item represents my Country's military, and is to be treated as a prized possession.

If you win - you will need to supply me with a mailing address. I promise to hold the information safely and never share it beyond my Post Office.

If you leave your entry under the "Anonymous" tag - please be sure to add your name or nickname at the bottom.

The Winner will need to contact me by October 14th  at the latest with their mailing address or there will be a redraw.


  1. Me! Me! I want it...the medallion, too. And you know I respect anyone who puts the boots on to make their country a better place. (That excludes the Taliban...they wear sandals and could care less about their country. The only boots they get is when one of the good guys puts one up their ass.

  2. Pick me! Pick me! Happy 200th post! You rock, Pax!

    yes i want to enter! (whispering)

  4. Oh, what tha hell, put me down as an entry.

  5. Congrats on the 200th post, and I'd like one, but I only served 22 years in the USN... :-) I do work with your folks out of Pearce, MHQ, and HMAS Sterling on occasion, so maybe the next trip I can actually meet you!

  6. @Coffey, Momma, N1, ExAF & OldNfo - all in the draw :)


  7. Due to blogger causing problems with leaving comments I will be manually adding names to the list. Please contact me via email if you'd like to be entered.

    Suz & Kathi - now in the draw!


  8. Pax, I have noticed your comments on Coffeypot's blog and would like to become your follower. I hope you'll follow me too. As the daughter of a WWII veteran, the sister of a (first) Gulf War veteran, and the ex-wife of a veteran who is afraid of heights, I would cherish that medallion. I shall email you.


  9. @Lola - added to the draw and welcome to the Meepings.

    Would you like a Musk Stick? :)


  10. Congrats on 200, and thanks: "Yes, I'd like to enter."