September 6, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Well... Downunder in Australia it has.  (Our Spring lasts from the 1st of September until the last day of November)

Some of the trees are now blooming and we are heading towards my favourite time of the year - when the Jacaranda trees bloom, coating the streets below them with a layer of purple petals.

Photo found HERE
Jacaranda time coincides with University exams so it is not anticipated by all.  For the Horticulturists amongst us - this is NOT a tree native to Australia, however it became very popular in the 1920's as an ornamental tree for street verges and gardens.

And despite the official decree that "Spring Has Arrived" - the Weather is still a bit nippy, with a forecast of down to 12 degrees celsius tonight (53.6F). So for we delicate sub-tropic dwellers it is still jumper (aka pullover / sweater), extra blankets and electric heater time.

Oh and you may recall I'm in the midst of renovations at my place (segueing slightly from the topic but still weather related - honest!)

These are my new (replacement) veranda doors.  And as soon as they went in I (with the help of Cozzles) gleefully ripped out the rest of the inbuilt sections of the veranda behind them, and had all the junk carted away. The Veranda balcony is now open to the elements and will - in time - become host to a small BBQ (Barbie!) and pots of climbing roses that I will endeavour to keep alive  (Pax does not a green-thumb possess).

I have since discovered a wee bit of a problem with painting the doors - necessitating that the installer returns and lifts both sliding ones OFF until I can varnish the raw areas; and will then return a day or two or more later to put them back up.

So guess who's going to be whining about the cold to you all?  [I have plans to tack up a blanket or two to the outside top facing to block the worst of the chilly breeze; and security-wise none shall pass the partial aluminum siding and shutters]. Luckily I am still on leave from work so I can get the varnishing done super quickly and then beg and plead and whine (no - I have no shame where frozen tootsies are involved) at the installer until he returns and replaces them.

In other news :-

Milsupport for my four adopted troopers is going fairly well.  I managed to send off one of THESE to all my guys. Hopefully it will make them smile whenever they use it.

R.A.K parcel of some Aussie sweeties (aka candy) went off to a new acquaintance.  It was a gesture of Good Will and Troop Support and (sorry... having to pause sligthly so I can have a giggling fit..) Kindness, however it caused a bit of a stir  and therefore Musk Sticks are back on the "Pax must NOT" list [along with various 'Miss Manners' notes like "do not use the word 'sweet' when referring to Marines - it makes them grumpy"; and "do not send Drakkar Noir to anyone that doesn't like Musk Sticks" (however I'm a bit puzzled as to why & how research on that last rule occurred)]

My monthly donation of Coffee vouchers via the Green Beans "Cup of Joe" has been made. This is a really worthwhile and affordable Troop support program and you can find details on how to participate HERE.

And lastly the Competition for the Australian Army insignia hat is still open to entries until this Saturday.  Just please remember to include your name on the entries for them to be valid.


  1. I really like the doors, but me with a green thumb? I kill plastic plants! No way can I put live plants anywhere around me...except grass. I can't kill that stuff with gas and salt. It just keeps growing and spreading.

  2. I need a tree like that! How beautiful! And I love the doors, too. Great taste, Pax.