February 11, 2010

Pax Gobsmacked!

I am sitting here with a massively silly grin on my face and am feeling amazingly special.

You see today's mail brought me a package... and in the package there was

Patches & stickers too! ^
autographed by the team too! ^

At some point I should stop grinning like an idiot and stop saying "Oh My GOD!" - but it won't be for a while.


  1. Very glad that you liked the package. You made our time in Iraq fun when Franco would get a package from the 'Australian chick' (no offense). Thank you for all that you did, and continue to be that special person that you are.

  2. We were with the "Red Bulls" in Bosnia. For some reason some folks form the California National Guard and the Minnisota National Guard did not get along. (Oh, the Red Bulls are the Minnisota National Guard).
    I got along with everybody, but I thought they talked funny.

  3. That is one cool present, Pax. Good karma comes around.

    CI-Roller Dude is from California, I bet he talks funny, too. Like a valley girl.

    The world needs to learn to speak Southern.

  4. Aww.. thanks Mike. I really enjoyed sending weird and wonderful stuff to Izzy [although he never did send me any photos of the water balloon launcher in action :D]

    Ahh.. Americans talking "funny".. umm.. that be all of you right Dude? :D

    And Coffey - don't knock the Valley-speak - some of us enjoy doing "vapid" in public (you'd be amazed how many people I can annoy with just one or two sentances in the right 'voice' ;D)


  5. Thanks for the comment!! I am now a follower and thanks for the support!

  6. Pax: Apologies if this duplicates, but the Internet seems to have eaten my earlier attempt at commenting. First off, thanks for coming up on my "net" at redbullrising.com, and for pointing me here. I loved seeing the pictures of your successful "support the Red Bull troops" project.

    I've had an affinity for Australia ever since I deployed alongside a multinational force that included Kiwi troops and Aussie civilians, to name just a few nations represented. I learned a lot on that trip, like how to appreciate rugby, if still not quite understand it.

    Beyond that, however, you also had me at "library" and "medieval." I hope you don't think it too forward that I start "following" your blog?

    Finally, your mention of sending a water-balloon launcher downrange reminded me of receiving a similar care package. It was great fun, even though it almost created an international incident with Uruguay. That, however, is another story!

    Keep up the good work, thoughts, and writing! Cheers!

  7. Hello Sherpa

    Happy to have you following. Did I read your blog correctly that you are being deployed later this year? (if yes then cookies/timtams and possibly water balloon launchers could be sent your way :)

    I love sending my adoptees weird & wonderful stuff (one of the others got a wading pool and a can of dehydrated water.. I take my role of "comic relief" very seriously ;D)