February 22, 2010

Pax is a softie...

Yes... I am definately a soft-touch on the old guilt-o-meter of life.

Less than a day after I posted my last blog - and my ditherings over whether to acquire another adopted soldier or not - I received a nice email from Soldier's Angels thanking me for supporting one of my lads; advising that he was due home soon (he'd been home for a few weeks actually) and asking me ever so nicely if I'd consider adopting a new soldier to love & hug & call George (or not.. sorry - channeling Duck Dodgers in the 20th century there I think.. or is it Bugs & Marvin? but I digress...)

I was almost 80% sure that I wouldn't adopt anyone new at this point - too many bills to pay sezs I to myself - must get the old credit card down to manageable levels too I muttered... and then I made the mistake of popping on to their website and seeing that they had 1352 people awaiting adoption.

Sigh... I am such a sucker.  So now they only have 1351 left to be acquired by caring souls looking to make a small spot of difference to someone far far away.  Anyone else able to step up?  Go to http://soldiersangels.org/ if you have the time to send a card or letter a week and a parcel at least once  a month.  I can guarantee that the personal warm fuzzy's felt make it worth while.


  1. I do it misupport through contact with others. I don’t like rules when I am in contact with a dude or dudette, and Soldiers Angles have too many of rules. But you do what you have to do because the real winner is the dude down range.