February 6, 2010

Pax - Lost in Translation (again)

Looks like I've found another "almost-the-same-but-weirdly-different" factor between the Aussies and Americans.

I've received an email from Soldiers Angels http://soldiersangels.org/ suggesting that I can send special happy packs of Valentine's treats to my adoptees.

Which seemed weird (to me) since they have a rather strict code of conduct you agree to before adopting any of the troops - most expressly that it's not a dating service and inappropriate behaviour will be sanctioned against.  [disclaimer to avoid any misconceptions. I try very hard to maintain a "just good friends" vibe with my current three adoptees.  They are all sweet guys but only one has turned out to be a true friend (ie. he accepts my quirkiness and mostly laughs *with* me). The other two (possibly in their own defence) seem to file me under "aussie amusement factor #1" and approach cautiously at all times. It's highly amusing!]

Over here (Australia) those that indulge* in the V day do so between lovers/couples only [or ex-lovers... I once sent a triffid substitute** to an ex - after all "say it with flowers - send one that can spit death & mayhem if you can" - sadly he thought it was the Best Joke eVr and fail to die 'orribly from plant spit]

So I'm guessing that in the USA the emphasis is on giving Things Of Pink & Red - no matter how tenuous the connection between parties? Is anything overt implied by the gifting or receiving??

Enlighten me Oh My Blogger-mates!

* "those that indulge" do not actually include my household as my boyfriend prides himself on being the anti-romancer (I'm thinking of designing him a super-suit to wear - probably liver and beans coloured with a slashed out heart in the middle).  Not that I'm bitter or anything - for the first few years of our relationship I would try to ensure that I kept the romance alive - eventually it dawned on me that one-sided romance could be seen as the first sign of obsession so I've let it slip quietly by the way

**Venus fly traps make wonderful Triffid substitutes!




  1. I think Valentine's day is supposed to be for "lovers' in the USA to. What happens is, some folks get carried away with any excuse to do something on any holiday.

  2. A contrived Holiday, built up by candy makers, greeting card companies, and florists to sell stuff! Yes, I will buy my wife candy, card, and cook a gourmet meal for her...but the last time I bought flowers, she ate them anyway..HeeHeeHee..