February 20, 2010

Weekly round-up on Milsupport

A few goodie packs have been organised this week -

*some aussie treats sent off to *Gunnie Bush and his marines (timtams and caromello koala's for those who've tasted them). That makes the third parcel I've sent so far - I think I can manage one more at the end of the month to take it to four.. maybe a coffee one? [it's hard to organise things from a distance - so many USA based suppliers won't let International's place orders; and Amazon won't ship food stuffs to APO's/AE's. My staple goodie shops are now Cookies Direct; About Australia (in Texas of all places!); Amazon (for books & dvds) and Mountain Thunder in Hawaii.  If anyone knows of a tobacco supplier of cigars that might cater to overseas buyers could you let me know? I don't smoke myself but I'm told some of the teams like to]

*a 'Thinking of you' gift sent off to Bobby Kro. Sure hope he is going better - if anyone has an update could you let us know? http://johnjudyc.blogspot.com/2010/02/bobby-kro-needs-your-support.html

*Usual weekly letter sent off to Adopted Soldier #1.  Need to think of something special to send him (and his troops - he's a captain and always shares with his team). I've recently sent cookies (usa and aussie packs). Maybe coffee for them too? (I sent them Mountain Thunder coffee once - they were very enthusastic about it. Pity it's $$)

Adopted soldier #2 is now home but we're still friends and chatter online when we can (the 17 hour time difference usually means I'm waving I.M morning hellos as he's heading to bed but at least we're connecting).

Adopted soldier #3 is just about to go "no mail" - one month till he's home. I'll worry till he's safe.

I haven't decided if I will adopt any more via Soldiers Angels or just keep sending packs when they are requested by others.  I worry that the Adoptees are being freaked out by the weird Aussie girlie but are too polite to say.  There is also the emotional investment I make in each - try to keep them smiling, try to find the right things to send, worry that they are cold or wet or under fire [that whole "war going on thing" you know] and pray they and their teams make it home safe to their families.

*For details on Gunnie Bush and his team see the below link. They are okay to receive goodies till the end of March I believe.


  1. If you want to send the packages you buy in the US to me, I will see that they get mailed off to the guys.

    Bobby is pretty sick, but fighting.

  2. Yes the emotional drain is formittable but think how much worse off they would be with out that "Crazy Aussie Girl" who sends all that weird stuff and makes them smile.

  3. You are one decent human being. I bow to you.

  4. I was thinking the same thing when I sent a batch of packages where one contained water ballons, squirt guns, and 4th of July and Beach decorations. Another contained a Sun Tea jug with tea bags and individual drink mixes stuffed into it.

    My boxes and letters got me e-mails filled with thank you's and pictures of them gather around enjoying everything.

    It doesn't matter if you think your a 'Crazy Aussie Girl' because they are happy that you care about them and take the time to show it. So don't stop because YOU do matter to those you take time and energy to aid and comfort.

    Miss Em

  5. Thanks Coffey :)

    Ahhaah! Krazy Cat - wasn't it you that sent a Slip & Slide to one of your boys? ;) [you are my crazy inspiration muse!]

    Buf - I do only minor support. There are others out there that are so dedicated to military support that I look at them in awe.

    And thank you Miss Em for putting it all into perspective - I've just acquired a new adoptee - just hope I don't traumatise the poor lad :)