January 24, 2012

Potentially Paddling Pax

aka "Where did I leave my water wings?"

Long time readers may recall that about this time last year, parts of my home state (Queensland Australia) had some exciting floods (recap of it here)

Guess what's happening now?  - if you guessed 100's of Millimeters of Rain falling in my local area today - you get the (rather soggy) door prize!

No need for me to panic though - my apartment block is on higher ground and is well sealed from the weather.  Getting to work tomorrow may involve some splishing & splashing about, however with the new Bus transit overpass I'll avoid the one creek that could reach over flowing/ path impeding.

And with Thursday being Australia Day (a public holiday here) - with Friday my rostered day off - I really don't need to reach anywhere important until next Monday.  Plenty of time for the water to subside.

Hmmm... this living in the "Sub-Tropics" - not always as great as it's cracked up to be in the tourist brochures!


  1. Damn, is this a yearly thing or just a recent thing. There were plenty of 100year storms and floods here in the US, one even had the Waffle House (not mine) closed for three months while it was prepared. Perhaps you should invest in a good pair of waders.

  2. Yep, but at least you're not dealing with 2-3 feet of snow and the idjit drivers...

  3. This is a fairly regular thing - although some years is worse than others. The last few years we have had a La nina cliamate effect - wich is the opposite of the El Nino that caused droughts here for about 10 years. La Nina brings wetter than normal wet season.

    And for those who want to know - yes. Australians DO take the weather that seriously!

    And Old NFO - no. We're dealing with 2 - 3 feet of floodwater and idiot drivers who think that they can safely drive through it.

  4. 100's of Millimeters of Rain?

    So, like 2 inches?

  5. @Navyone - 114mm first day. So 2.5cm per inch = just over 5 inches. It's been raining heavily ever since so multiple that by 6 days so far - falling on already saturated ground.

    The good news is that some of the flood-proofing from last years lessons have been completed and are working well. Doesn't help those in the countryside though.

    @Coffeypot - we regularly get a "Wet Season" here but it's been particulary heavy the last two years. I love a good storm myself but so much rain in such concentrated amounts can be a bit worrying.

  6. ...bother... that should read "under 5 inches" - curse my inability to remember what an inch is like (looks at Coffeypot - you can commence immature giggling now :D)

  7. Keep a pair of dry socks with you at all times.