February 1, 2012

Potential Port for Pax's area

News just in....

Brisbane touted for new naval base

Updated January 31, 2012 09:51:09   
Brisbane (...Australia...) has been flagged as the likely location for a new Navy base.

The Defence Force Posture Review is looking at whether Australia's military resources are situated in the right geographic locations.

In its progress report released yesterday, it says the Navy will need more facilities in northern Australia.

The report says Brisbane is the most promising location for a new fleet base on the east coast.
The base could be home to the planned Future Submarine fleet and Air Warfare Destroyers.
The report says Brisbane's port is rated for nuclear powered warships, which would allow for visits by the US Navy.

It also says the city has the infrastructure needed to support a major naval base.  It suggests a base in Brisbane would complement rather than replace the Navy's Garden Island home base in Sydney.
Australian Defence Association spokesman Neil James says it is unlikely large naval ships would be based in Brisbane.

"If anything is based in Brisbane they won't be destroyers and frigates," he said.
"They're more likely to be something on the amphibious side, but even then it's more likely than not that they would be regularly visiting ships rather than home-ported there."
The final report of the Australian Defence Force Posture review is due in March.

We may need to build a few more Pubs to accommodate! :D


  1. Thanks for the link on pubs. I had no idea what you were talking about.

  2. And you're gonna get 2500 US Marines as an added 'bonus', trust me you're gonna NEED more bars/pubs!

  3. Ha, thanks for the laugh. I am thinking your observation and "Old NFOs" are not far from reality.

  4. WHAT??? No destroyers and frigates? So the real Navy won't be stationed there? No need for extra pubs, then. The pussies will be needing more Starbucks and milk stores.

  5. I think I want to move there and get to know some of those gentlemen.


  6. Cheers! ...to amphibious pubs.

  7. If I were you, I'd go build a pub. Have a cement floor with a big drain, no glass or mirrors and only have plastic cups....rubber padding on the chairs...let me think of a few more things...I bet Coffey Pot can come up with some good ideas.... Wrex has a good idea- a floating pub.

  8. Word on the street has it- regardless of what you do or where it's done, be ready for more yanks- lots of 'em.
    I suggest putting away the 'nice things' and buying tazers...
    Ha! Kidding, you know they'll be good.