February 29, 2012

Pax meets the Leap Year

Ahhhh.... the 29th of February.  Only occurring once every four years, it is the day when folk tradition has it that a woman may propose to a man.

Oooh.... so is Brendan Fraser single?
Do you think perhaps he would find it creepy to receive a "Hey! Let's get hitched" from an utter stranger?
..........<crickets chirp>

okay... yes... it WOULD be really creepy but something to shock and amuse the country relatives with :D

But seriously - I would be a *FANTASTIC* girlfriend.   I like geeks, and small children; reading books and sending treats to the Troops; can wash, cook and sew (and finds 2 out of 3 of those interesting enough to do regularly of my own free will); I keep my nagging and honey-do's to a minimum; happily pay for my own share of the bills and all of the mortgage; own a 32" LCD flat screen TV And now a coffee machine*. Who wouldn't love me?!

Oh about that coffee machine... I found out about it yesterday.  Phone call received at work to advise  that I had won it in a random "you bought stuff" draw. One of those "Nespresso" machines that take the fancy flavoured coffee capsules.

Pretty nifty huh?  Just a pity I'm more of a Hot Chocolate kind of person. Don't get me wrong - I Loooove the smell of freshly roasted coffee but I get quite twitchy quite fast if I drink any of it. (think Super Squirrel on Speed)

So yes...  please send all "Hey I'd love a laid-back, kind, coffee machine owning girlfriend in my life" applications care of this blog.  And remember IT COULD BE YOU!

*Small disclaimer: Fools, Idiots, Mamma's Boys and those hoping I'll  be foolish enough to support you through your final years of College should not apply.  Been there.. done that.... lost the t-shirt in the settlement.


  1. Good one :-) Coffee... GOOD... :-)

  2. I will buy a coffee maker if someone says yes tomorrow. It won't happen, but I can dream for a few hours.

    Janie, now on twitter

  3. Coffeypot has left a new comment on your post "Pax meets the Leap Year":

    Congrats on winning the coffee maker...and I would be the best coffee you ever had, but, alas, I am spoken for. Also, here in the top of the world, leap year is also President election year. Pray that we change ours in November.

  4. I think I have your guy right here: http://www.onemarinesview.com/one_marines_view/2012/03/victoria-cross-medal-recipient-mocked.html

    He's been frightfully disrespected by some idiots in the news, so I think it would be awesome if he had a woman (*cough, cough, looks meaningfully at Marion*) who appreciates the hero he is. :D

  5. @Old NFO - heh... Coffee... better than a bite from a bat :D

    @Janie - I'm not quite sure I'd take anyone only on their love of coffee... They'd have to like Penguins too!

    @Coffeypot - awww such a sweetie!

    @Erika - I think that Ben Roberts-Smith is an amazing man and soldier. Sadly he is very happily married so I shall have to keep looking. But thank you for thinking of me! Now just remember when you hit Marine Training 101 - if your training Sgt is a) over 35+ b) single & c) has a sense of humour - suggest he start reading my blog [um... possibly make the suggestion *After* you graduate though :D]


  6. Mmmm... I smell COFFEE. yum. I'll be over in ..what 72 hrs? how long does it take to get to the downunder from here anyway? haha. Super Squirrel on Speed. hehee. We'd have too much fun.

    I had no idea about the 29th. Only that my son was very glad to be born on the 28th...

    You're an awesome aussiegirl. Mr Right is out there for you. He's probably just a lurker waiting to see if you had a coffee pot. ;)