February 14, 2012

Pax has more penguins

I was expecting no items of joy to arrive for me this V-day - being, as I am, between relationships - however I discovered that an item I ordered for myself last month has finally arrived.

It's red and makes me smile - a lot - so I think I will share with you all

This is actually the replacement Penguin insanity shirt.  Shirt the First ended up being shipped to a (then) friend downrange - he was in need of a touch of 'home' - so it was shipped off (coated in my vanilla perfume) on a "he would return it some day in person to me" type situation.  Sadly that friendship tanked so badly that I am quite sure he ended up burning it as some Manly-act.

So this is now my replacement Happy Shirt.  And when I wear it I will occasionally remember him and wish him joy in his life.


  1. The penguins on that shirt are so cute! Those little eyes will be popping up in my dreams, I know it. See? They're stealing my sanity, and I'm only peering at them through a computer screen.

  2. Mr. Popper taught the penguins to steal sanity from Sanity Claus.