February 23, 2012

Cup of Joes... making everyone smile!

Lately I have been having a few bad days emotion-wise. Anniversary of the "Grand Departure of the Ex" has been causing some soul searching and still some anger (mostly at myself... you'd think I would eventually learn how to pick a decent, loving guy but noooo...) so I have been feeling a bit blue.

Anyway... I've just had the best "Pick me Up" ever.  Messages just in from the Cup of  Joe program from people who have received the coffee vouchers downrange.  All sending their thanks and happiness that they have not been forgotten.  Many hoping that they can one day visit Australia (Really! Come visit! We love your accent and lovely manners over here! :D)

So yes... my woes wither in comparison to those in harms way that are still managing to smile (and stay caffeinated!).

Thank you all my "Joes" (and "Joe-ettes") for giving me Joy in return for just a few dollars of donations.

And Stay SAFE!  (some of us worry! :D)

usual disclaimer - the Cup of Joe team give me no shiny rocks or chocolate covered coffee beans for any words of praise. Although... I'm open to receiving Penguins (all sizes) if you happen to find any just "lying about"...  *wicked smile*


  1. I may not be in the service, but I appreciate what you do; and I wish I had an adorable penguin for you. Those "anniversaries" are a bitch, aren't they?


  2. Coffeypot has left a new comment on your post "Cup of Joes... making everyone smile!":

    The Ex is just not worth any aggravation you give yourself. No one can tell what a prospective partner will be like down the road. He is the fuck up, not you. You chose for the right reasons. He changed. You prince (cowboy) will come, no doubt about it. No have a cup of Joe for the ones who really count. LYLT!

    [for some reason Coffeypot's comment disappeared - so here's a copy of it.. Pax]

  3. Screw the Ex, and may his armpits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels. You are a good soul, I can tell that even from the internet (anyone who supports the troops and likes penguins is good in my books!), and you are worthy of the right man, not some fleabag that will desert you. Good on you for helping the troops, especially through the giving of that sweet elixir of goodness, coffee. :)

  4. Good for you, and those GOOD things will come back...