April 9, 2012

Pax and the not so Super Egg

Since Easter is typically a time of giving and receiving of the Chocolate egg, I was quite enthused to discover THIS EGG amongst my choices.

The picture is quite fuzzy but it's called a "First Avenger" egg - with a picture of Captain America on it.

The small print on the back declared that "Each Egg contains an Avengers item".

Oh Kaloo Kalaa!  Would it be a mystical ring that would transform me in to a Lycra wearing Super-Hero?  Or perhaps a Tony Stark self-portrait (self love.. he's got it!)

So I eagerly unwrapped the foil; ignored the base-grade chocolate egg 'shell' and dug in to the plastic container with an eager will.... to find -

Sigh.... nothing very Super about that is there?

Oh well... back to the drawing board.  Now where do I find that pool of Radio-active Goo for a quick Super-Dip?


  1. Could be worse...we had Dr. Amber and her boyfriend (and others) over for Easter dinner. Bob, the boyfriend, told us that when he and his brother were younger,he got a plastic egg, took the chocolate out of it and ate it. Then he broke an egg and put the yolk in the plastic egg and hid if for his brother to find. When brother opened it...he was shocked and not happy.

  2. LOL. At least the chocolate was worth something? :)

  3. Too bad it wasn't a Kinder Egg, at least they are good eating! :-)

  4. Chocolate is one of the basic food groups. Right up there with vegtibels... and fruits...