April 21, 2012

Pax gets some presents!

Yes! You read that correctly - I received a marvellous parcel of early Birthday gifts in the mail, sent to me by the EMOD (Evil Mistress of the Darkness aka Vicki in Cali)

It is in fact a few weeks to go until my mumble mumble* birthday however V was kind enough to allow me to open the gift early (it was either that or she feared she would be on the cleaning crew after I imploded from impatientness)

And within that parcel there was much of the Penguinity to behold

Four!  Count them - FOUR!  Amazing Penguin t-shirts :)

One or two I may even get away wearing to work (ehh.. I'm in tech services - the geeky-look is HOT there baby :D)

So thank you Miss V - You have made my day.  And I suspect that should the 4th of May turn out to be less spectacular than hoped for - these will carry me through.

Happy Penguins to all, and to all a good.... 


*yes.. it is TRUE that it is going to be my mumble mumble birthday! However owing to amazing genetics I only look mumble!


  1. LOL, cute ones and hippo birdies two ewe!!!

  2. Ever time I see a penguin I think of you. Then I think, 'She probably has this already.'

  3. @Old NFO - and no egrets! :)

    @Coffeypot - it's all in the presentation John. I'm sure I won't mind that it's a penguin I already own if it's hand delivered by a Dashing Naval NCO *big hopeful grin*

  4. Ha ha. I can't sleep, evil penguins will get me. . .