January 28, 2013

Pax and floods

So you might have heard that we have been having some wild weather over here in Australia....

"ex"-cyclone Oswald has spent the last few days creating merry havoc on the Eastern Seaboard as it swept down the coast.

We have had immense amounts of rain; huge winds and flooding.

Photos of some of the areas HERE

My place is dry and undamaged by the rain or wind - however some of my friends are not so lucky.  The Rivers are still rising as I type and we are unsure if their homes will be flooded out again (many of the same homes went under in 2011 which was listed as "once in 100 years flood").

And in other parts of Australia bush fires still rage...   Ahhh Australia - Beautiful one day, Deadly the next....

Come on over and visit!


  1. Stay safe Lady! Probably heading your way in April (well to AUS at least)...

    1. By April things should have dried out a bit - probably back to Bush Fire alerts :D


  2. Hell no! I've seen pictures of your spiders and snakes. I'd have to wear steel toed boots to shower. But I'm glad you are safe and sound and hope your friends come out okay, too.

  3. Glad to hear you're safe.
    Sorry to hear about your friends. Hope they fair well.
    Would love to visit but finances say no.

  4. Yikes- let us know when it dries out a bit. I've always wanted go kangaroo hunting...

  5. el cupacabra .. then head to the west .. we have lots of kangas and no floods (well not as many at least) ... can't guarantee no fires though :(

    Glad to hear that you were okay! I'm just glad the Jamboree in Maryborough was in the first two weeks of Jan not the last!