January 13, 2013

Quick update

The Rumours of my kidnapping by Clowns were sadly exaggerated*

However due to Bloggers new format changes I am unable to upload any photos without installing the evil and annoying Google Chrome on my computer (yeah.. no thanks) so until they fix/reverse or give me a better work around option I have a few posts that will be "on hold" for now.

Insert mental picture here - a lovely scenic shot of Heat wave affected Australia
(that's the burning bit at the other side of the globe from most of you)
In other news - still no job. Another application has just been sent off.  It's rather depressing to realise that in this day and age of digital communication that "must be able to use a telephone" is basic for just about any job on offer (even if they don't ever intend for you to be allowed to use the phone - you still have to have the ability).  Whatever happened to that Government Mandated "Disability Quota" system I wonder?
*I should point out that I consider Clowns to be evil and creepy so they are more feared than your average politician holding candy


  1. Finally somebody who gets it- clowns are Satan's minions.

  2. Sorry to hear the news on both counts. Hopefully fixes SOON for both!

  3. Why is Google Chrome evil? I don't have any trouble with it. Maybe Google Chrome like mes better. I'm sorry about the lack of jobs.


  4. Holy Water takes care of evil clowns.
    Fingers crossed on job search.