January 24, 2013

Pax and plants

At home news...

In the hopes that I can establish a small herb garden on my balcony (and break the "Curse of the Black Thumb" that I seem to have for plants) I have begun a small "Green Project"

Day 3 after planting.
Nasturtium's in the top pot; basil and mint in the bottom

Oh and in case you marvel at how fast those two plants on the bottom are growing - sorry to admit that I got those two from the local market - already slightly grown.  The top pot - now that one is my gardening foo at work (from small seeds great things will come... and possibly be named "Audrey" )

Day 15 of the experiment and so far so good... even the current summer heat wave hitting our area hasn't (yet) caused any problems...

Milsupporting update.  My Official adoptee - lovely Sgt of the Marines - received the parcel of jerky that I sent earlier in the month.  He writes that he shared it with his team :).

There is a Valentine's Day parcel yet to reach him - a box of Old-fashioned V day sweets (according to the Amazon.com sales blurb at least).  Not sure if any of those small candy message hearts are enclosed but if they are - hope he's careful! :D

No word lately from the Unofficial Soldier adoptee in A'stan - Message received just after New Years that he loved the Christmas stuff.  No word since. I really hope he's okay!

Wish I could adopt another to virtual "hug, and pat and call him George" but have told myself that I must remain at one official only until I have a new job.  At least at one I can afford to keep up the level of monthly troop treats and not worry (too much) about my bank balance.  Sgt A is deployed until June so I still have some fun things on the list left to send him :)

*Pax is Plotting*


  1. Good job. The question now is, when can we smoke'em?

  2. Congrats Lady, and I hope the health is improving too!

  3. good luck with the plants :) and job hunting!!
    when I was out of work for 5 months in 2005, being on the letter writing team for Soldiers Angels was a godsend. A way to support the troops without costing a great deal, and it kept me involved in something outside myself while I slogged thru the job hunt! keep your chin up,dear :)

  4. Looking good! You could do that here also, however, right now it would not be green> LOL. Jealous of your sunshine right now!